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Training & Grading


Like the majority of martial arts schools we use a coloured belt system to differentiate the various levels of training and progress of students.

The are 10 Kyu grades divided into 4 sections

  1. Beginner: 10th Kyu white belt

  2. Elementary: 9th-7th Kyu green belt, with up to 2 black stripes (to mark 8th and 7th)

  3. Intermediate: 6th-4th Kyu blue belt with up to 2 stripes

  4. Advanced: 3rd-1st Kyu brown belt with up to 2 stripes

There are also 10 Dan grades each represented by a black belt with red stripes (1st - 4th Dan) and Japanese Kanji (5-10th Dan).


Training focuses mainly on unarmed techniques, combat strategy, psychology and philosophy necessary for survival modern day London.


This includes the use of all manner of strikes (punches, kicks, elbows etc.), grappling methods, knife defence, multiple attackers and a range of combat situations (seated, against a wall, from the floor etc.)


In addition we study weaponry, which covers a wide range of weapons and their practical use in combination with unarmed combat.

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